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The opening to the international market requires a perfect knowledge, control of the procedures governing the standards of the import and the export.

A player in international trade, L’ZAUD HOLDING has set up L’ZAUD IMPORT-EXPORT department to guarantee all transactions and thus allow everyone to benefit from its expertise in this sector.

The team of professionals who compose this service has all the legal means to perform all customs clearance, transit, brokerage and consulting.

The main objective remains to facilitate and follow all the steps related to Import-Export.



Our main task is to make every effort to organize the safe and secure movement of all your goods from one point to another in the world.

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In collaboration with the relevant authorities, we have a team that can ensure and ensure all regulatory processes to clear your goods for import or export.


With an extensive network of suppliers and buyers (CIOA Premium Member), we can afford to buy or sell your products abroad.

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Our prodigious marketing skills can be used to create a concrete relationship with other national or international structures with whom you will build a profitable business collaboration.

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We are a team of Import-Export experts ready to provide you with the necessary advice and guidance at all stages of your international transactions and exchanges.