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L’ZAUD BTP-FONCIER department is one of the main department of L’ZAUD HOLDING. It contains all services responsible for the management of activities related to land, civil engineering.
In addition, this department is responsible for the management of real estate assets.

The team of L’ZAUD BTP-FONCIER is here to advise you and accompany you in all your choices. Through this department, L’H guarantees you:

  • Accessibility of its services to all social classes;
  • Security for your investments;
  • Quality in the execution of tasks;
  • The respect of the deadlines granted;.

With us, the professions of construction and real estate will be accessible to you.

Our services


terrain a vendre
  • Purchase and sale of land;
  • Buying and selling of houses;
  • Property and real estate management;
  • Land development.


  • Technical study;
  • Technical folder;
  • Land technical folder;
  • DAO;
  • Topographic study.
dossier technique


conception de plan
  • 2D-3D plans design;
  • Drawings of any size plans : A0-A1-A2-A3;
  • Scanning and editing plans.

WORKS (House - Road - City)

  • Subdivision;
  • Construction;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Socio-economic housing.
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